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Grant History


Grant History

Since 2009, the Methacton Education Foundation has proudly helped fund the innovative proposals of Methacton staff - which has led to transformative programming at every grade level.


Fall 2023 Grant Awards

  • $11,500 Backpack Program

    The Foundation has partnered with donors to support the Backpack Program since 2018. During the pandemic, the Foundation helped provide weeks of food to our students in need who couldn't access breakfasts and lunches at school. The Methacton Backpack Program has served students by providing food and essential items for Methacton's most vulnerable students. The Methacton Backpack program aims to close the gap in meals between Friday lunch and Monday breakfast by offering food to children over breaks during the school year, such as weekends and longer holidays. "Backpacks" provide food for one child and typically contain nonperishable, easy-to-assemble meals.

  • $89,000 STEM Fab Lab

    The intention of the Methacton FAB Lab makerspace will be to support a culture of authentic learning by engaging emergent technologies with curriculum content and career-ready skills. At the FAB Lab makerspace, students, teachers and community members will develop agency and technological confidence while cultivating maker dispositions as lifelong learners. A FAB Lab is a STEM learning space focused on digital fabrication and making. It is a space where students research real world problems, create real world products and provide real world solutions. Innovative equipment including 3D scanning and printing, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, and precision machining will all place an emphasis on collaboration.

  • $4,500 Chamber Theater (Arcola)

    At the middle school level, funding was provided for the Chamber Theater to come to Arcola to perform several plays based on the short stories 8th graders read throughout the year in their English classes.

  • $1,200 Translator Earbuds (Methacton High School)

    Program to pilot the use of translator earbuds by ESL students and teachers to meet the communication and academic needs of this growing population of students.

  • $3,500 Health Career Fair (Methacton High School)

    Funding to support a seminar for our High School students centered on exploring career opportunities in the STEM health science fields. Partnering with a company, Healthworks, who would pull together a panel of experts to present to students virtually and allow them to ask questions and potentially receive mentoring from these experts as they pursue careers in these fields.

  • $27,000 Kindergarten Balance Bikes

    This program will give every child in Methacton School District how to ride a bike in kindergarten physical education class. The bike program is an eight-week program for all Kindergarten students using Strider brand balance bikes. The curriculum is eight integrative lessons beginning with the simple goal of teaching a child how to move, balance, and stop while on a two-wheeled balance bike.

2022-2023 Grant Awards

  • $6,587 Big Blue Blocks (Eagleville Elementary)

    Imagination Playground Blocks are foam pieces that allow children to engage in open-ended, free play during recess. Classrooms will also have access to these blocks for classroom community/team building or to use them for academic subjects like Science, Math, and Social Studies.

  • $1,679 News/TV Studio (Arrowhead Elementary)

    Arrowhead students will get experience with journalism and producing a news program!

  • $6,650 Maker Space Update & Laser Cutter (Skyview)

    Laser cutters and engravers can play an important role in encouraging interest in STEAM by providing an easy way to integrate hands-on learning for ALL students.

  • $800 Modern Band (Skyview)

    The addition of electric bass to the curriculum allows students to build a rhythm section: the heartbeat of a Modern Band.

  • $33,000 CNC Plasma Cutter (Arcola)

    The addition of the CNC plasma cutter enhances the learning of all students by exposing them to STEM careers and skills that very few would have access to outside of school.

  • $18,425 Music Technology Student-Teacher Collaboration Monitor (Arcola)

    All students in Arcola participate in music classes and spend half of the music rotation in the Music Technology classroom. This equipment helps students use desktop computers, midi-interfaced keyboards, and audio/video production software to navigate a project-based curriculum.

  • $1423 for a 3D Printer (High School)

    Upper-level tech ed. classes rely on 3D printing as an integral part of the curriculum. The additional printer allows students to print more projects!

  • $5000 for College Tours (High School)

    This is joined with the Montgomery County OIC to support a spring break tour to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The goals are to teach first-generation college students or students from underrepresented populations that they can have access to college and be partnered with local leaders in the community to mentor them.

  • $28,700 Lavalier Microphones (High School)

    Lavalier microphones to support the MHS Theater Company for spring and fall shows.

  • $30,000 HD Camera for Warrior News (High School)

    This project will allow students to work with equipment found in professional recording and live environments, both in studios and on-location capacities.

  • $2000 TEAMS National Competition Funding (High School)

    EAMS (Test of Engineering, Aptitude, Math, and Science) is an annual, theme-based competition that allows high school students to discover their passion for STEM and engineering with the potential to make a difference in the world. Methacton’s group (Group A) placed 6th in Pennsylvania (in the top 20% nationally) and qualified to compete in the National TEAMS Competition from June 29th through July 2nd in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • $4000 ISTE STEM Conference (Staff)

    Registration fees for STEM certified teachers to the ISTE Conference

  • $53,095 Horizon Project (All)

    Support the update of the Planetarium

  • $10,000 Backpack Program (All)

    Support the Methacton Backpack Program to provide students in need with supplemental food items.

2021-2022 Grants Awards

  • $46,105

    STEM Innovation Laboratories: MHS Hydroponic Farm & Forensic Labs

  • $10,800

    Dual Enrollment Program for College Credits

  • $21,000

    Proud Artists iPad Art Program

  • $ 6,749

    DLSR cameras for MHS

  • $8,000

    Lego STEM Grant for the 6th-grade Technology Education program

  • $4,567

    Graphing Calculator for students

2020-2021 Grants Awarded

  • $11,235.21

    Backpack Program for Food Insecure Students

  • Arcola Philanthropy Club

  • $1,398.93

    Flip Classroom - Producing Chemistry Instructional Videos

  • $1,369.86

    STEM Fish Tank Ecosystem

  • $4,500.00

    STEM Kits at Eagleville

  • $90,000.00

    REACH: Mental Health Support Program

  • STEM Innovation Lab: Hydroponic Farm

  • STEM Innovation Lab: Forensics BioChemistry Lab

  • $25,000.00

    Uncharted Learning Entrepreneurship Business Program

  • $79,616.30

    Pre-K Scholarship Program for Students-in-Need

2019-2020 Grant Awards

  • $1,500.00

    3D Printing the Future

  • $23,952.00

    Dedicated iPads for Elementary Library STEMakerSpaces

  • $11,700.00

    Outdoor Education - Need-Based Scholarships

  • $2,212.00

    24 Game: Teaching Tool to Sharpen Critical Math Skills

  • $583.00

    Breakout EDU: Game-Based Learning Platform

  • $3,800.00

    DNA Molecular Separation Instructional Lab Kits

  • $29,460.00

    Engineering Laptops for Computer-Aided Design Software

  • $1,000.00

    STEM Lessons in the Library

  • $8,000.00

    PCHF Arcola Philanthropy Club

  • $23,633.78

    Pre-K Scholarships for Students-in-Need

  • $450.00

    Science Faculty Membership Fees for MCSTA

  • $1,500.00

    Electric Car Club

  • Backpack Program for Students in Need

2018-2019 Grant Awards

  • Programs for Economically Disadvantaged Students

  • Science Faculty Membership Fees for MCSTA

  • Scholarships for Economically Disadvantaged Students for Marching Band

  • Electric Car Club

  • 3rd Grade Coding Ozobots

  • $4,560.00

    Woodland STEM Aquarium

  • College Tour Trip for Economically Disadvantaged Students

  • Robotics Club

  • $11,010.36

    PCHF Grant -Arcola Philanthropy Club

  • STEM Renovation of Elementary School Libraries

  • Ukulele Instruction at Skyview

  • Post Prom

  • First Grade STEM Tools at Eagleville

  • $5,045.00

    ISTE STEM Conference Registration Fees for Educators

2017-2018 Grant Awards

  • $2,491.00

    AP Testing Fees for Economically Disadvantaged Students

  • $3,100.00

    Robotics Club

  • $450.00

    Science Faculty Membership Fees for MCSTA

  • $2,000.00

    Loaner Musical Instruments for Economically Disadvantaged Students

  • $4,775.00

    Woodland Video News Production Program

  • $4,500.00

    College Tour Trip for Economically Disadvantaged Students

  • Electric Car Club

  • Loaner Musical Instruments for Economically Disadvantaged Students

  • T.E.A.M.S. Club

  • $600.00

    JV History Club

  • $20,155.00

    Music Technology Production Course

  • $15,850.00

    Driver's Education Simulator

  • $10,081.35

    Backpack Program for Economically Disadvantaged Students

2016-2017 Grant Awards

  • $450.00

    Science Faculty Membership Fees for MCSTA

  • $1,427.79

    STEM Simple Machines

  • $3,000.00

    One Book, One School

  • $2,500.00

    Arcola Orchestra and Air Force Strings

  • $2,500.00

    Autistic Support Field Trips

  • $2,500.00

    Poetry Alive School Visit

  • $3,000.00

    Artist in Residence

  • $3,100.00

    Robotics Club

2015-2016 Grant Awards

  • $3,000.00

    Electric Car Club

  • $999.00

    Digital SLR Cameras

  • $566.00

    Display Walls

  • $9,000.00

    STEMaker Spaces

  • $2,800.00

    Bird Habitat Garden

  • $200.00

    History Bowl Team Trip

  • $1,000.00

    National History Bee Competition Trip

  • $10,500.00

    Marching Band Trip to Outback Bowl