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Apply for a Grant

Grant Application Process and Criteria

Methacton Education Foundation Grant Application Process


All staff are eligible to apply for a grant. Grant proposals must be consistent with the goals and mission of the Methacton Education Foundation. Proposals should enhance and expand enrichment opportunities for students in the Methacton School District
Required Criteria (Grants must include all of the following):

  • Provides an enrichment opportunity
  • Develops students’ knowledge and useful skills
  • Results in a significant, measurable return on investment
  • Impacts a significant number of students proportionate to the size and value of grant
  • Describes what students will know, learn, and be able to do as a result of the grant.
  • Addresses clearly outlined S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based


  • Consistency with our MEF funding priorities (STEM, Career guidance/development, disadvantaged students and student wellness/mental health. [20%]
  • Number of students impacted [15%]
  • Sustainable programs and MEF’s or the program’s capacity to provide ongoing support [15%]
  • Ability to evaluate the grant’s impact on students [15%]
  • Innovation [15%]
  • Long-term impact on students [20%]

Application Process:

Please submit ideas by filling out the Letter of Intent Form on our website.

Application Review:  

The L.O.I. will be submitted and reviewed by the administration, principal, and funding committee. The staff will be asked to submit a full application if a grant L.O.I. receives approval. An L.O.I. approval does not guarantee funding approval.

After L.O.I. is approved, a link will be sent to the grant applicant. Grant applications should be submitted within the timeframe specified within the Funding Cycle document posted on the foundation’s website. The committee reviews each application and votes on its merits, approving the application as submitted, approving the application with revisions, or denying the application at the time of submission.


All applicants will be notified within the time frame specified in the attached Funding Cycle document. If a grant is denied for submission or approval during the Application Review Process, it will be returned to the applicant with pertinent notations and/or suggestions. If a grant should need immediate attention due to a time factor, please contact Shannon Peffer to discuss. Typically, out-of-cycle grant requests will not be fulfilled.

Grant Summary Requirements:

The grant recipient(s) will provide a written summary detailing the process, procedures, and outcomes resulting from the grant. The summary should include assessment and evaluations of S.M.A.R.T. goals outlined in the proposal, including qualitative and quantitative impacts on students. Photos, videos, and/or other forms of documentation (ex: newsletters, notes from students/educators, etc.) that demonstrate how the funds were used should also be included. Receipts and/or contracts for expenses should be submitted as required for reimbursement (see #5 above). A report guideline document has been posted.


Please email Donna at In addition, you can contact Stephanie Sawyer (, Matt Alzamora (, or your building principal to discuss your grant application idea and review the grant application process.