Grant Report Requirements

The Education Foundation would like to hear about and share the success of your grant! Once you have had your grant funded and fufilled please take a few minutes to put together a brief report (can be a document, slideshow, whatever you would like) to share with the Education Foundation how everything is going. We can't wait to hear all about the AMAZING things you are doing to help Methacton climb higher!

Report Guidelines:

1.    The report shall address each stated goal of the grant, providing objective data. Data shall include:

  • Number of students participating/impacted
  • Number of students successfully completing the grant initiative, noting all applicable scores and relevant statistics (average score, score range)  if applicable
  •  For competitive activities, comparative performance indicators (Debate team, band competition, etc.)

2.    If applicable, include photos and/or videos

3.    For curricular enhancing grants, include lesson plans summary and measurements used to evaluate impact on students

4.    Restate approaches to evaluate long term impact of students

5.    Include recommendations regarding improvement of the funded initiative. What was learned? What should be changed?

6.    Slide show presentation of the evaluation report is the preferred report format

7.    Reports shall be submitted to the Methacton Education Foundation in care of Mrs. Nikki Krelovich, nikki@methacton within 60 days of the funded initiatives completion or of the conclusion of the academic year, based on the nature of the grant.

8.    For questions regarding report requirements, please contact Dr. Wini Hayes, Program Support Committee Chair, at

9.    Shannon Peffer will send out the Grant Evaluation Report Guideline with the approval letter.