Team Captain Responsibilities

  • Wear your wristband to be able to go onto the court with your team. Stay with yout team the entire time on the court.

  • Supervise and keep your team together and cheer on other teams from the stands!

  • Escort your team to the court and stay with the team while they play. Teams will not be allowed to play without their team captain present.

  • Review the Dodgeball Rules with all players of his/her team.

  • Remind your players/parents or guardians that this is NOT a drop off event. Everyone should come to cheer on the teams and watch their friends, family members and teachers play. It costs $5 per person for spectators. Spectator wristbands are provided at check-in.

  • Only one team captain per team.
  • Represent the team if there are any issues and ensure your players are respectful and polite towards other players. 

  • Manage players who were eliminated and get to go back in when their team catches the ball (this is done in the order the players were eliminated, first eliminated player returns first). Eliminated players form a line alongside the fencing in order of elimination.

  • Monitor your players and honor the rules…if you see someone on your team get hit and the referee misses the play ask that player to exit the court.

  • All teams and spectators must be sitting in the stands, no one is allowed to stand around the court fencing.

  • Pick up your team bag and distribute the contents to your team before the Dodgeball Tournament. The pickup date, time, and location will be emailed to team captains. Players must enter the High School wearing their wrist bands.

  • Assign 3 players at the start of the game to run for the starting balls. 

  • Encourage good sportsmanship throughout the tournement. At the end of each match have your team share kind words with the opposing team and/or high five each other.

The team bag includes:

  1. The tournament t-shirt for each player (size sheet will be in the bag)

  2. Wristbands for all players and the team captain. The wrist band allows for entry into the event as well as being able to be on the gym courts during the games.

  3. Blank bracket for each player to be able to follow your team’s progress through the tournament

  4. Your team’s starting time, gym location and court number

  5. One copy of the Dodgeball Rules to hand out to each player on your team. You are required to distribute and review the rules ahead of the event with your entire team